About the book:Paramarthagite is one of eight treatises of Sri Nijaguna Sivayogi, a mystic, a poet and a philosopher. This book gives an exquisite description of the grand vision of the Transcendental Truth.
More details: This is the name of the work of a Kannada mystic translated into English by an ardent devotee of the saint. As stated in the foreword, the original work is a masterpiece that is difficult to translate but the translation in the present instance is a summary of the ideas contained in the original composition which is in the nature of song. Such a summary may not merit the description of a translation but it serves the purpose of bringing the world into contact with a spiritual mentor like Nijaguna who lived before 1500 A.D. The original comprises 11 cantoes with more than 160 verses. It is not a book for scholars but it is a book for spiritual seekers. The English version presented here is beneficial from this point of view.

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Swami Sahajananda (Prof. R. B. Kanthi)
Swami Sahajananda (Prof. R. B. Kanthi) learnt the secrets of Nijaguna’s mystic teachings at the feet of Sri Siddhavir Swamiji. Though by profession he is a professor of Chemistry, Sri Sahajananda, by inclination is a lover of spiritual philosophy.