About the book:This book, published in 1996, is a birth centenary tribute to Ghanshyam Das Birla, one of modern India’s most illustrious captains of industry, who was a close associate of Gandhiji and willingly utilized his resources in the case of India’s independence.
More details: This is not a regular biography but a compilation of the articles on Birla by the author that throw light on the various facets of this doyen of Indian industry. These articles, written on the basis of close and continuous personal contacts, were written during the two decades from 1974 to 1993. Although a small volume, the book makes an earnest attempt to present a picture of Shri. Birla’s personality, from his early days with Gandhiji to his leadership role in independent India’s industrial progress.

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K.S. Ramanujam
K.S. Ramanujam is a well-known journalist and writer. He represented the Hindustan Times of Delhi at Madras for 37 years and also the Eastern Economist for 26 years.