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    About the book:This love story is not of cooing and cuddling but of love and death. An emotional story written with feelings that bring tears spontaneously to the eyes of the reader. R G K’s wife Lakshmibai left this world and the great writer has penned an everlasting memorial and tribute to her.154 pages of intense longing, of the heartbreaking feeling of separation, of loneliness and remembrance.
    More details: ‘A Love-Story’ is written with great feeling and with reflections of life and death. Thoughts of several Indian and European thinkers and philosophers is included. There is also a brief discussion on the subject of love and suffering. The book begins with Lakshmibai’s last day on earth. The author deals at great lengths on the signs portraying her last day, remembrances of happy times shared with her and is a very personal diary in the form of a book. A poetic and highly moving account of the life and death of a beloved person.

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    R. G. K.
    R G K the well known columnist and journalist writes interesting pieces. His other books include ‘The Guru tradition’, Hindu Dharma:The Universal Way of Life and the Saundaryalahari (Wave of beauty)