About the book:This work is well-documented historical narrative of the 1962 Chinese invasion of India, and discusses its background as well as sequel, copiously drawing upon the numerous documents available in 1966, when it was written.
More details: Since then Chinese Communism may have changed beyond recognition, but has Chinese expansions changed? Not long ago our Defence Minister George Fernandes described China as India’s enemy No.1, though he was later pressurized into withdrawing the remark. But it was certainly a call for us to have a close look at China’s expansionist history and how it has effected India’s security and integrity. For this the Indian reader needs adequate information about China’s clearly suspect intentions towards us. This well-documented little work will serve that need

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V.B. Karnik
This book is written by four authors. V.B. Karnik, a well known political thinker was for several years Managing Editor of ‘Radical Humanist’. M.D. Kini, also a journalist, was representative of Forum World Features of London. B.K. Desai is a writer of repute. Indu Patel is a social worker.