About the book:This biography of Ahalyabai Holkar is a tribute published on the occasion of her two hundredth death anniversary in 1999. It tells the story of one of India’s greatest rulers.
More details: Not much is known about Ahalyabai’s life, especially the early years, as it has not attracted as many historians as one would expect. Beyond paying her their need of praise historians have skirted that period of political and social history in which Ahalyabai figured prominently. Consequently the writers of this biography are to be praised for delving diligently into available records of the Holkar period, most of them in Marathi.

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M.V. Kamath and V.B. Kher
M.V. Kamath, who retired as Editor of the ‘Industrial Weekly’ is a well-known columnist and commentator on a wide variety of national and international issues, V.B. Kher, a keen student of Gandhism, has collected Gandhiji’s writings in fifteen volumes.