About the book:This book is a laudable attempt to present to the reader, selected samples of outstanding eloquence in the English language of which eminent Indians in the past two centuries were capable.
More details: It is common knowledge that among non-English speaking people of the world Indians displayed unrivalled ability to master that language. The speeches and writings collected in the present book will give the reader an idea of the felicity of expression with which depths of thought have been convened by their authors inspite of the handicap of a foreign medium. Naturally this small anthology is only a partial representation of the mass of Indian writings and speeches in English that is available. Still, within this limitation it is commendable, and calls for more similar sequels

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R. K. Prabhu is a veteran journalist who retired as Editor of Bombay Cronicle. Later he was Editor of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi under the Central Government.