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    About the book:Indiaís most religious, picturesque and holy places-Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath are jointly the four dhams (shrines). The book details the travel route, describes the natural beauty and tells the stories associated with these places.
    More details: The book opens with the blessings of important sages, messages from them and their pictures. The foreword is by Dr Karan Singh. The book is a valuable guide to all those people wanting to visit these places and it details the routes, the things one needs to take and is literally the Bible for travellers to the Himalayas. The book deals not only with the four places but also gives information of places in and around them, the places of interest, the mode of travel, food, lodging and boarding, the doís and donítís make this a very important document. Interesting photographs, detailed itinerary, glossary of words and a map of the place helps the reader and the traveller a great deal.

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    G. R. Venkataraman
    G R Venkatraman was a Scientist in a National Laboratory. Travel was in his blood and he travelled extensively with his teacher wife after he retired. The scientist-teacher couple have emphasized that the Himalayan wonders have to be studied with a scientific approach and philosophical tools.