About the book:This handy book gives a synoptic view of the origin of the idol in the temple at Guruvayur, the most famous temple of Kerala and gives details of the rituals and festivals as well as the offerings made here. Even a person not versed in temple worship will benefit from this book.
More details: G H Ananthanarayanan has also written about the need for faith in God, the meaning and significance of idol worship., the role of rituals and religious festivals, and about Hinduism and the Hindu way of life. Myths, traditions, history, beliefs and other such topics spanning over five millennia have been dwelt upon in this book. The book includes the origin of the idol, the offerings and rituals, details about the temple priests, the festivals, legends and others. The daily routine at the Guruvayur temple has been highlighted so that the visitor , even if he does not understand Malayalam or is ignorant of pujas, will be knowing what to expect. This book contains everything that one wants to know of Guruvayur and is highlighted by beautiful photographs in colour.

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G. H. Ananthanarayanan
He was a Class I officer in the Government of India services. He is a Founding Member of the North Bombay Welfare Society’s High School at Ghatkopar and was the President of the parent Society for 35 years. He championed several causes including the one for pre-1986 pensioners .