About the book:The book explains the uniqueness of the Indian concept of honouring women as ‘mother’. Right from ancient times, Indians have held women in high respect and have looked upon them as mothers, addressing and greeting even strange ladies as ‘Ma’, ‘Amma’ or ‘Mother’
More details: The book eulogises the woman as mother and gives examples of the noble and famous mothers of India. The author talks of the Goddesses Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati, the trinity of Mothers and goes on to tell about Sita and Savitri the perfect women of India. Stories of Goddesses, rivers which are worshipped as mothers and other such interesting information is given in this book.

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G Ammini Kutti
Ammini Kutti was the editor of Tapovan Prasad magazine of the Chinmaya Mission , and the Editor and Production officer of books in the Southern Languages Book Trust, Madras of the UNESCO.