About the book:The book is divided into four parts comprising of short verse (also called epigram), long poem developed in Hindu myth , autobiopoetry and a miscellany of poems.
More details: The book includes a long poem enveloped in Hindu myth and a long and adventuresome history from old times to today. Through this India’s history is told. The third part of the book includes an autobiopoetry which expresses one’s feelings and emotions and creates a tapestry form one’s life’s experiences. This is on the lines of the poems written by Dante, Wordsworth, Hugo, Amrita Pritam, Kamla Das and others.

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Yash Nandan
Born before the partition of India he stayed in Delhi and later went to the US. Starting as a coolie he had a colourful life as a teacher, a professor and an entrepreneur. This is his second book.Self educated and self made man, Yash Nandan was born in Delhi but settled in USA. He is engaged in a programme of reading and writing after years spent in academic teaching and entrepreneurship.