• Bhagvad Gita

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    About the book:‘Sar’ means essence. This little book contains the essence of the Gita as revealed in 42 verses selected by the great Saint Ramana Maharshi.
    More details: - In response to a devotee’s request and with his transcendental knowledge the saint selected these verses and rearranged them in the order of the human being’s progressive evolution to his final liberation. In the present compilation Shri Desai has not only given the original verses in Sanskrit in Devanagari script, but has also explained each verse with a transliteration, a translation of every word, and a translation of the verse as a whole, adding at the end a small note on the practical application in life of the guidance contained in it. A valuable addition to this compilation is an appendix containing the Nirvanastakam by Adi Sankaracharya in Sanskrit/Devanagari with transliteration in English and meaning in Hindi.

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    D. A. Desai
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