About the book:The book under review covers almost all aspects of good health, fitness and medical problems. Written by an eminent and international doctor, the book discusses health not only from the physical and mental points but also gives an overall aspect of life. Body language, what our body tells us, physical fitness and mental, diet, exercise and medical discussions are highlighted.
More details: The book is quite unconventional, in the sense that it gives a fresh and different perspective of medical health and habits. The doctor has given details of social causes of disease, life, liberty and pursuit of happiness and other such topics which are quite different from the usual medical advice. He has also included the story of modern humanism, prayers, points on wisdom, wealth, and other topics. Simple and easy to understand diagrams complete the picture.

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Prof B M Hegde
Prof Hegde is the Dean of Kasturba Medical college, visiting Professor to several prestigious universities in UK, USA and others. Author of a dozen books and over 150 medical research articles, Prof Hegde has plenty of honours and laurels.