About the book:The book is a deep study of rural places, their problems and the true sketch of what goes on in the villages of India. Beginning with the ground realities of the rural scene, the book talks of agriculture, irrigation, watershed development afforestation, rural industries, health, education, Banking and other such related topics. A thorough study of all the organisations working in rural areas has been done by the author. Suggestions for the development of the villages, improvement in the social and educational life of the people has been given.
More details: The author has given details of the NGOs working in the villages and how individuals like Baba Amte have helped in the improvement of the poor folks’ lives, about organizations like the Banwasi Seva ashram. Action for the Welfare and Awakening in Rural Environment(AWARE) Society for Education, Action and research in Community Health(SEARCH) is given in detail.

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Dr R D Lele
He is an eminent physician who has distinguished himself in the medical field. He was awarded the Padma Bhushan by the President of India in 1992. He has authored six books.