About the book:This is a compilation of stories from Sanskrit classics representing moral and spiritual education taught by Hinduism. According to Sister Nivedita these stories have been the ‘Cradle tales of Hinduism’ uttered in song and story . The stories of Harishchandra and Shibiraja, of Nala-Damayanti, of Satyavan=Savitri and others have been told in this book
More details: This collection was inspired by a speech of Lord Curzon. He threw a challenge which was picked up and the result is this collection of stories which have been handed down generations of Hindus. Stories of heroes and martyr, of kings, sages and saints are the heritage of India. There are nineteen stories which include those of Krishna-Sudama, Draupadi and her akshayapatra, Raja Harishchandra, Shibirraja, Nala-Damayanti, Satyavan-Saavitri, Sukanya and others.

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V.Krishnaswami Aiyar
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