About the book:Various issues have been addressed in the stories contained in the book and in them Angel Halaliel, whom the author has named so after a real angel from ancient scriptures, stands as a buffer between man and God and gives us practical solutions to our problems, all the while dropping priceless pearls of wisdom.
More details: Angel Halaliel goes from country to country, through different forms of suffering from which people wish to flee, helping them get their sense of perspective back, ready to enjoy life again. It is not only a test of faith of the people he is sent down to help, but also of Halaliel himself. When faced with the raw agony of humanity and the despairing cry of a cruel and uncaring God, denying His very existence, Halaliel is jolted out of his own complacency and is forced to acknowledge that ultimately, the workings of that Supreme Mind will always remain a mystery. Through all his doubts, however, he is convinced of the beauty that is life.

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Meera Prakash
Meera Prakash hails from a deeply religious family and has been influenced by a long line of writers, philosophers and scholars. A naturally introspective person, her leaning towards learning about other religious beliefs and cultures provided more than a common interest in the origin of creation and God.