About the book:This edition is a collection of articles published in Bhavan’s Journal over a period of several years. The book talks of Gandhiji’s quest for truth and peace. It is a first hand impression of Gandhiji’s work and frank hero worship.
More details: With a foreword by Dr K D Gangrade and a preface by M V Kamath, the edition brings the Mahatma to life with first hand descriptions of his meetings with the writer. There are several letters from eminent people like P C Alexander, Pravinchandra Gandhi, N A Palkhivala and others included in the book which ends with wars and lessons learnt from them.

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S. Ramakrishnan
Padma Bhushan S Ramakrishnan is the Executive secretary and Director General of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. He has steered the Bhavan into a worldwide cultural organization with 280 Constituent Institutions and 110 kendras in India and abroad. He is the Founder editor of Bhavan’s Journal, the fortnightly magazine of the Bhavan.