About the book:The aim of this book is to introduce the reader the fundamental aspects of Sankara’s teachings in their easiest form, so as to make him comprehend Hinduism in its purest and simplest form.
More details: The factors and details of Karma, Upasana and Jnana are prescribed by the Pramanas which, for the Hindu religion are the Vedas or the Sruitis. This book will serve to throw light on the theory and practice of the Hindu religion.

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Swami Atmananda
Swami Atmananda was born in Chittur, Palakkad District, Kerala. As a B.A.L.T. he was in private educational service till 1930 when he joined the Salt Satyagraha as one of the leaders of that movement in Kerala. A devotee of Swami amdas since 1939 he took Sanyas from him in 1950.