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About the book:This Complete Set comprises of four volumes namely: Vol. 1 Early Life as Lawyer (Rs. 370/-) Vol. 2 Fifty Years of Politics (Rs. 460/-) Vol. 3 Man of Letters (Rs. 460/-) and Vol. 4 Constructive Work (Rs. 200/-)
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About the book:The Book is a compilation of the Platinum Jubilee Lectures by outstanding scholars and experts, organised by the Delhi Kendra of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.
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About the book:The book is a collection of the articles of the 'Presidents Letter' column contributed by Bhavan's President, Shri Surendralal G. Mehta in the fortnightly 'Bhavans Journal'.
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About the book:The author has described everything from basics to details that one must know, to be to treat cancer successfully. This book is also meant for many curious minds who would like to learn the healthy ways of life, learn how simple changes in daily diet and lifestyle can help them overcome disease and live healthier.
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Culture Course
Books I - X
I - V costing Rs. 55/-
VI - X costing Rs. 35/-
set Rs. 450/-