About the book:The book is a modern english translation of the Rig Veda Samhitaa - the most ancient document. This is a word for word translation so as to enable the learned readers to contemplate the meaning of the Mantras themselves. The text is written in easy conversational modern English. The Series has been divided into 4 volumes. The first and the second volume is available and the rest of the volumes are expected to be ready by December 2014.
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About the book:This book contains 70 pieces of writing by the author who is also the present Editor of the Bhavan's Journal (BJ). The writings are from the five decades of the authors journalistic career beginning from 1961.
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About the book:The book is a translation of Tembe's memoirs in Marathi 'Maazha Sangeet Vyaasang'. It gives an account of his quest to learn music which began in his school days in Kolhapur and blossomed well mainly in Mumbai.
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Culture Course
Books I - X
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