About the book:Shiva, one of the important Gods of the Hindu trinity has many stories, legends, myths, and beliefs. The author has decoded any mystery, any confusion surrounding the folklore of Shiva and has given a rare and deep insight into this God. Everything that a person wants to know about Shiva is included in the book.
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About the book:Visiting a tirtha (pilgrimage place) has always been considered good and religious. In ancient times learned seers travelled from place to place and sanctified many of them. Making a tirtha yatra has been considered as important as performing a sacrifice or holding a puja. Anyone can go on a tirtha yatra and there are so many religious places in India that one can select and visit. Before embarking on a tirtha yatra one has to study the importance of the place and learn of its history. One has to go there with a pure mind, a clear heart and discipline. Normally a fast (abstinence from eating) is a prerequisite and then a holy bath in the waters of the tirtha are prescribed. Those without faith, those full of sins, with a doubting mind, those who are Godless and those indulging in bad reasoning will have no benefit from going on a tirtha yatra while the really sincere ones will wash away all their sins by visiting a tirtha stan.
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