About the book:Tirthas can be swayambhuta like Prabhasa or nirmita (constructed by others) like temples. However merely taking a bath in the rivers or lakes at the teertha is not enough. One has to be properly cleansed when he dips himself in the water of self control and wash away his mental impurities with faith. Snana, japa, homa, sraddha and dana at the tirthas are said to liberate seven generations of a man.
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About the book:Pilgrimage places are on or near the banks of a sacred river or a lake or near the sea. Usually holy shrines are situated on these spots which are naturally beautiful and peaceful. Before starting on a pilgrimage one should fast, offer prayers with devotion to Ganesha and to his own ancestors, offer salutations to learned Brahmins and saintly people. He must go with a pleasant mind and observe certain vows. After returning he should perform sraddhas. The dress for a pilgrim should be modest and he should take a pradakshina of his own village or town before going. He should not accept any gift.
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About the book:The book holds the view that Vedic Aryans were very much Indians and never did Aryan hordes descend into India from Central Asia or some other part of the world as is assumed by Western scholars.
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