About the book:In this book, the author presents excerpts from Puranas which contain values of Dharma, eternal truths and principles of high order. An endeavour to provide young readers of today a touch of the smrithi and shruthi scriptures in a capsule form has been attempted. You will find these books to be handy for meeting your requirements and help to ascend to the highest rungs of understanding the spiritual realms.
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About the book:Every History book of our land whether from the historians of the west or those of Indian origin, the remarkable roles played by the ten Sikh Gurus namely: (i) Sri Guru Nanank, (ii) Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji, (iii) Sri Guru Amardas Ji, (iv) Sri Guru Ramadas Ji, (v) Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji, (vi) Sri Guru Har Gobind Ji, (vii) Sri Guru Har Rai Ji, (viii) Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji, (ix) Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji and (x) Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, during the period from 15th to 18th centuries; have not received fair and adequate mention.
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About the book:The book based on the author's personal experience of teaching Yoga for a number of years is very welcome and dependable.
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Culture Course
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