About the book:India is the birth place of four out of eleven great religions of the world. i. Sanatana Dharma or Eternal Religion ii. Buddhism (6th Century B.C.) iii. Jainism (6th Century B. C.) and iv. Sikhism (16th Century A. D.). During the period of past two millennium, India gave birth to many great spiritual souls. Their missions were to set right the ills of the society and to guide mankind towards God. They accomplished their mission not by sword or deceit but through compassion and goodness and disappeared leaving their legacy behind for the future generation.
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About the book:In this book, Shri Roy has confined himself to reminiscing about Netaji, the man, as he knew him.
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About the book:This book is the story of Yogi Sri Krishnaprem, a great mystic philosopher, written by a leading mystic poet of India.
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