About the book:Narayana Guru is revered and remembered in Kerala as a great savant and seer, an exemplary model of human compassion, totally detached from desires and ambitions, and yet ever active in the tasks he had set before him; a truly Jeevan Mukta Karma Yogi. This book tries to portray the life and work of such a person, in as full a measure as possible, so that the universal mission of the Guru will be easily within the access of those who live away from the conditions under which he lived and worked.
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About the book:The book is an autobiography which includes frankly all the ups and downs of Karanth’s life. He says that the book is not a success story, it is more a story of a failure who succeeded. The book starts with the place of his birth-a place called Kota ,north of South Kanara and goes on the describe his childhood, his college days, the freedom fighters story and then on to the sixty years of his life.
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