About the book:As the author was the close confidante of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, the book talks of the freedom movement in India right from the non-cooperation movement to the final phase of struggle in India. It also contains rare photographs and letters of Netaji to the author. Some of these letters have been included in their original form and reveals Netaji’s sleek handwriting and clear thoughts.
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About the book:This autobiography’s most important message is that it is indeed possible for any individual to attain very high position in life by making sincere and honest efforts coupled with intelligent and commonsense approach. Shri Jaisukhlalji was neither a genius nor an expert in any field of study except maybe in human psychology; yet starting as a school teacher, he ultimately became a Union Cabinet Minister and Governor of an important state of India.
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About the book:The book contains the adventures and the achievements in the lives of twenty-one great scientists. Ranging from Archimedes to Einstein, the book contains biographies of scientists spanning over two thousand years.
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Culture Course
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