About the book:This is a collection of 43 inter related delightful stories. There are many thoughtful stories, inculcating lessons of ethical value and should be read by the young and old alike. Truth speaking, generosity, chastity, loyalty, brotherliness are well told through the medium of interesting stories.
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About the book:This is a collection of thirty two stories told about King Vikramaditya of Ujjain by the statuettes adorning the throne found by King Bhoja. Learned King Bhoja goes on a hunt where he comes across a shepherd who utters wise words when he is seated on a mound but changes when he comes down from it. King Bhoja arranges to excavate the area and finds a beautiful throne. On an auspicious day when he is about to ascend the throne to occupy it, each statuette holding a step of the throne asks him to halt and tells a story.
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About the book:A small book with a big purpose. In this book, the author has turned his attention to writing about spirituality addressed to the younger generation.
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Culture Course
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