About the book:These stories of King Vikramaditya appeared in the Bhavan’s Journal under the caption of Vetala Panchavimsati. In response to a public demand the stories have been compiled in a book form. They are the stories as told by a ghoul residing in a dead body which is supposed to be brought by King Vikram to an ascetic. If he speaks the body goes back to its original position and Vikram has to go back to bring it. These stories of Vikram and Betaal have been very popular since they contain an element of suspense and interest.
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About the book:Vintage stories always fascinate readers because they talk of days gone by. Rajaji has penned several stories, 37 of which have been included in this book. The stories tell of real people who were sensitive, emotional and part of India’s history. Each story is different, a whiff of the emotional past of South India.
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