About the book:These are a collection of reminiscences written when the author was in her late seventies. Beginning with her childhood days, she goes on to tell about her fight to marry her distant cousin, N C Jog, a well known journalist of his times. The launch of the consumer movement which was very necessary at that time is a feather in her cap and in this book she has written about the beginning of the movement.
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About the book:The book is a heroic saga of Lt Salvi’s escape from the Axis prison camp at Italy, of the harrowing account and untold trials and tribulations that he and his comrades underwent while dodging the German soldiers. The rural folk of Villa San Sebastiano in Italy gave these escapees love, affection and shelter at great risk to themselves.
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About the book:The book was first presented as a paper by the author titled ‘The Unity of Asiatic thought’ at Banaras in 1930.It grew into a larger volume with each edition and has now reached this massive proportion. The book is almost a textbook on all religions, there are quotations from Sanskrit, Arabic, and Persian languages. Hinduism (including Buddhism and Jainism), Christianity and Islam have been thoroughly studied and projected in an unbiased manner in this book.
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