About the book:The book is about the modern man’s predicaments. The author says that the modern man has two problems-self multiplication and self forgetfulness. He discusses various phrases like ‘knowledge is power’ as applied to the present day situations. He has thought deeply over several topics and realized some truths which he has shared with the readers of this book. Reviewers have said that the book is more than a scientific or artistic study, it is deeper than both.
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About the book:The book is a collection of forty highly emotional and deeply intoxicated poems on love for Krishna. The writer is almost a mixture of Gopi Radha and Bhaktha Meera in her dreams for and obsession with Sri Krishna. The poems speak of her yearning for the darshan of Lord Krishna, of her dreams of him appearing to her in person and reciprocating her love. Each poem is an expression of the deep rooted yearning for the God.
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