About the book:The book is basically a story of Siva’s supremacy over other cults and creeds. Sambandar, one of the foremost of Shaiva saints witnessed Siva’s supremacy and this marked a significant landmark in the history of Saivism in India. Sixty three saints extolled the Supreme Reality of Siva. Sekillar (twelfth century) cites authentic incidents where the power of Siva destroys even poison and fire. Such is the power of Siva as told in Periyapuranam. The Tamil culture, habits., thoughts, social structure have also been discussed in great detail.
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About the book:Meera Sashital has collected all information about several saints, not only from India but also from other places. Thus Jesus Christ, Zoroastra, Rahim rub shoulders with Chokhamela, Kabir Madhavacharya, Tulsidas and others. There are 77 personalities from different parts of the world who lived at different times. According to M V Kamath who wrote the foreword to the book, a saint is one who is good, who is totally devoted to God and unremittingly caring towards fellow human beings. They need not always perform miracles or be philosophers. The author says that a saint is one who has had God realisation, one who is pure in heart, devoid of lust, greed, egoism and anger. He is tolerant, righteous, has universal love for all, has attained spiritual wisdom and knowledge. The book includes thirteen women saints like Mirabai, Muktabai, Vasuki, Sakhubai, Bahinabai and others.
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