About the book:The book has been written by someone who is not only an agricultural physicist and scientist but also an eminent philosopher and Sanskrit scholar. The book reflects the combination of a deep and analytical mind with the width of the vedic view of life. He has explained that the basic foundation for vedic algebra and cosmology was laid during his childhood in a small village. Questions about the origin and growth of the universe at an early age led him to research and delve into science and find answers, which have been presented in this book. Various theories like the Big Bang theory, extensive Cold Dark Matter and others vis-à-vis the vedic theory have been discussed.
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About the book:Sane Guruji’s ‘Shyamchi Aayee’ brings out not only all the endearing aspects of the mother but the strength of her will to foster her children as heroes – bold and brave, generous and loving, kind and sympathetic. The setting is rural Konkan of Maharashtra and the mother portrayed is the mother anywhere else in India, loving and caring, gentle yet firm.
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