About the book:Bija Ganitham is recognized as the seed or Bija of Arithmetic. Calculations with assigned symbols for the unknown quantities is called Bija Ganitha. The subject matter of this book Bija Ganitham consists of two parts; Basic operations and Analysis. The basic mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using positive and negative unknown quantities operations with zero and surds are explained in this part. It also includes the solution of indeterminate algebraic equations of the first degree. The second part is devoted to the solution of algebraic equations of the second degree involving one or more variables.
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About the book:The idea of Mind Management is a new concept and this subject is handled brilliantly by Dr. Upadhyay, with quotes from scriptures of various religions and presenting them through great minds who gave their messages to posterity to prosper and enrich themselves and help the mind to ponder over the imponderables.
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