About the book:This work on the Guru Tradition is a translation of the Sage of Kanchi's discourses on Guru -tattva contained in the second, third, fourth and fifth volumes of the Tamil Daivattin Kural("Voice of God" or "Voice of Divinity") published by Vanati Patippakam, Madras. This book is an excellent transalation of the lectures on Guru-tattva-the concept of the Educator-delivered in Tamil by Pujyasri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati Svami, Acharya of the Kanchi Kamakoti Pitha, popularly known as "Peryival", during the long sojourn of the Acharya in the metropolita city of Madras and its suburbs between October 1957 and about the end of the year 1959. The translation into English has been done by R.G.K., formerly assistant editor of the The Illustrated Weekly of India.
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About the book:The book is a mystic novel written in the Pondicherry Ashram of Sri Aurobindo by Sri Dilip Kumar Roy. It is based on some happenings in the Ashram - aspiration, conflicts, difficulties, Sadhakas and Sadhikas face while following the spiritual life.
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About the book:The book is a detailed study of the Gita and the related literature.
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