About the book:This book is a medical administrator's comparative experiences.Management of hospitals is a very complex task and the CEO of the hospital has to have a lot of coping abilities. There are no rules of the thumb but it is only with experience that one learns how to manage a hospital. The main role of the hospital is to provide high quality medical care to each patient which needs cooperation from all sectors and it is here that the CEO shows his mettle as a capable captain. This book is based on first hand experiences of the writer in handling situations that arise in the running of hospitals.
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About the book:Hypertension is a common illness of modern times. Though this enigma is not yet fully understood, there are a lot of studies on the subject. Myths abound in this area, both in the medical profession and the patientsí minds. This book throws light on many aspects of hypertension. The views are sometimes unconventional but the book is a very useful one for patients.
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