About the book:This is the first history of India written exclusively by her own people which brings to bear on the problems a detached and critical appreciation. A team of over sixty scholars of repute present herein a comprehensive and up-to-date account of the political, socio-economic and cultural history of the Indian people.
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About the book:The book gives readers a glimpse of Indian history and culture in brief. Various episodes, writeups of well known Indians , heroes, epic characters and prehistoric ones are included in the book
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About the book:Dedicated to the children of India the book under review consists of writeups of personalities of the world who are remembered for their contributions and leadership. People who have left their footprints, their handprints and fingerprints on the sands of time are included. Personalities like Buddha and Mahavira rub shoulders with George Washington, Beethoven, Mozart, Marco Polo, Jawaharlal Nehru, Winston Churchhill, Kiran Bedi and Margaret Thatcher, to name just a few. Chapters on the World Health Organisation, The Kurds, Bosnia, Afghanistan are also included, making the book almost look like a reference book.
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Culture Course
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