About the book:It is almost a word to word about the happenings in the last stages of independent Hyderabad before it joined mainstream India after independence. In the stomach of India, Hyderabad was like a ‘cancer’ and if it had not joined the country and had chosen to remain independent it would have been a real problem. K M Munshi was India’s Agent General in Hyderabad and gives a vivid account of the happenings of that period of time which was turbulent, full of intrigues, political moves and sensation.
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About the book:The book gives a slice of Indian history with all the agonies and ecstasies. This is a first hand account of the people’s struggle against a wily and cunning ruler, relying on the support of the fanatical Razakars. In 1939, the Nizam banned the singing of Vande Mataram which was disastrous.
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About the book:This is the first history of India written exclusively by her own people which brings to bear on the problems a detached and critical appreciation. ORDER THE ENTIRE SET AND AVAIL OF 25% DISCOUNT. Actual Price Rs. 6275 Discounted Price Rs. 4706/-
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