About the book:This book presents the author's understanding of the main teachings of Sri Krishna (Karma yoga), Narada (Bhakti Yoga), Vyasa (jnana yoga of brahmasutras) and Sri AdiSankaracharya commentator on the Vedanta. The attempt is thus to 'enunciate and eluciadate the most advanced religious principles and practices conducive to the fostering of spirituality in India'. These teachings, the author hopes, 'may be useful to the world at this moment' Why only this moment? They shall guide and illumine the footsteps of mankind "unto the last syllable of recorded time".
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About the book:Here is proof of scholarship and continued interest in the culture of the country of origin on the part of one who choses to go abroad but nurse the culture with a typical fondness which is probably to be set down as a special treat of nature.
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About the book:This book is a " must " for anyone desirous of knowing the invertness of the hindu faith in a nutshell.
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