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About the book:The book is a study of exploration of the spirit living in people.Upanisads are the most revered texts as they are parts of Sruti or the Veda.Isopanisad is regarded as the first among the Upanisads and is revered for its grandeur of vision and majesty of thought.
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About the book:Have you heard of 3 births and 4 deaths for the individual as projected by the Hindu system of religious philosophy? If you have not this is the book for you. Here is a scholarly work by a professional writer with an engaging English style by an author well versed in Sanskrit and capable of handling the subject elegantly and, although the manner may occasionally seem artfully simple or frankly idiosyncratic, it is only because of the arduously fostered complexity of the subject at the hands of western thinkers.
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Culture Course
Books I - X
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VI - X costing Rs. 35/-
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