About the book:The Kindle Edition of this book is available on www.amazon.com This is the second book of the author published posthumously. It is about sadhaklas and a swami and it grows as a discussion between them. It is a dialogue and discusses on various topics-social, philosophical and religious, psychological, culture etc.
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About the book:This has been written as a mark of deep reverence to the Tri centenary of the ‘Creation of Khalsa’ by Sri Gobind Singhji Maharaj with ‘Pahul khanda dhar’(nectar). It is a translation of the Fatehnama( a letter of victory) from Persian into English.
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About the book:The well written and delivered speech at the Janmashtami festival at Allahabad of Dr Bhagavan Das, who was the president on the occasion was so liked by the listeners that this intellectual feast was reproduced in several publications and eventually converted into a book.
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Culture Course
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