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1 "Mental Retardation" : Journey with a special traveller Prema Raghavan Rs. 75
2 A cabinet secretary thinks aloud B G Deshmukh Rs. 250
3 A Glimpse on 101 Ancient Rishis E. T. Sankarankutty Rs. 75
4 A pilgrim looks at the world-Volume 1 Swami Ranganathananda Rs. 55
5 A pilgrim looks at the world-Volume 2 Swami Ranganathananda Rs. 65
6 A Study of the Hindu Science of Architecture and its Practice with Special Reference To Rajavallabha Dr. N.R. Dave Rs. 360
7 Ageless India and the Modern West Debiprasad Bhattacharya Rs. 475
8 Alphabetical Index of Shrimad Bhagavata Verses Padma Kulkarni Rs. 400
9 An Airman’s Saga Capt. V. Sundaram Rs. 300
10 An Inquiry into the Concept of Peace Licy Bharucha Rs. 275
11 An Insight into Astrology Rohinidevi Jadeja Rs. 315
12 Architectural and sculptural imagery of Lauriya-Nandangarh Balarka Batabyal Rs. 150
13 Are you listening T.H.Chowdary Rs. 50
14 Are you listening T.H.Chowdary Rs. 60
15 Ascetics and rulers as poets and playwrights A Kuppuswami and N Venkatramanan Rs. 95
16 Asia and twice born Prometheus Yash Nandan Rs. 105
17 Attitudinal Orientation Management G D Limaye Rs. 250
18 Beyond the global crisis Siddheshwar Prasad Rs. 50
19 Beyond the Summit Dr.K. Hussain Rs. 170
20 Bhagavan Buddha R R Diwakar Rs. 75
21 Bhagavan Parshuram K. M. Munshi Rs. 400
22 Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba on the role of Mother Dr Prabha Ravi Shankar Rs. 45
23 Bhaskaracharya’s Bijaganitham Dr. V. B. Panicker Rs. 120
24 Bhavan : Today and After - (A compilation of Platinum Jubilee Lectures) 2013-14 Delhi Kendra Rs. 250
25 Bird & Cage S.N. Bhattacharyya. Rs. 30
26 Blood and Tears Col. H. K. Suchdeva Rs. 90
27 British death March Under Asiatic Impulse. Epic of Anglo-Indian tragedy in Afghanistan Yash Nandan- Kaviraj Rs. 280
28 Chaitanya and Mira Dilip Kumar Roy Rs. 175
29 Changing Course of Brahmaputra: Dalai Lama, The Change Initiator Dr. Bhaskar Vyas and D.V. Nene Rs. 60
30 Chaplin, Gandhi and Me2 Dr. Jayanti Patel Rs. 300
31 Char DhamYatra: Ecstatic Flight into Himalayas G. R. Venkataraman Rs. 60
32 Coronation of the Sandals B. L. Satyanarayana Sastri Rs. 30
33 Divine Light- Divya Jyothi P.V.Rathnam Rs. 100
34 Divine Light- Divya Jyothi P.V.Rathnam Rs. 125
35 Education and religion: A critical study Dr (Smt) L R Kanchan Rs. 350
36 Education elsewhere and here, A key to prosperity R N Joshi Rs. 35
37 Essential unity of all religions Dr Bhagavan Das Rs. 150
38 Essentials of good leadership- a practical approach to leadership development V K Saraf Rs. 120
39 Events Extraordinary T R Krishnamachari Rs. 125
40 Exploring India’s Population Scenario-I predict Vasant Gowariker Rs. 75
41 Fragrant Memories Indira Devi Rs. 75
42 Fragrant Memories Indira Devi Rs. 95
43 Ganesh Vidnyan: Science & Technology K. B. Paranjape Rs. 120
44 Gems From Mythology Meera S. Sashital Rs. 270
45 Glimpses of light through mist and clouds S D Joshi Rs. 60
46 Glimpses of the Great S.Ramakrishnan Collated by Sheshrao Chavan Rs. 650
47 Golden words-short gems of long experiences DR K V Govinda Rao Rs. 45
48 Grains of Gold R K Desikan Rs. 75
49 Grandeur of Thiruppugazh-The Hallowed hymns of Arunagirinatha S R S Ayyar Rs. 150
50 Guru-Pavana-Puram Sri Guruvayur Temple-A handy book G. H. Ananthanarayanan Rs. 75
51 Herbal cosmetics in Ancient India with a treatise on Planta Cosmetica Kunda B Patkar and PV Bole Rs. 225
52 Hindu Civilisation and the Twenty First Century V. Ramanathan Rs. 595
53 Hindu Religion of Hindu Scientists Dr V R Deshpande, Ms Sulabha Ghatate Rs. 160
54 Hinduism through the ages D S Sharma Rs. 100
55 I Predict a Blue Revolution Dr. M.A. Chitale Rs. 150
56 Immortal India Volume 3 J. H. Dave Rs. 45
57 Immortal words: An Anthology R R Diwakar , S Ramakrishnan Rs. 40
58 In the realm of consciousness R N Chopra Rs. 200
59 Indian Ancestors of Vedic Aryans L N Renu Rs. 60
60 Is there justice in life? Ramadas Rs. 120
61 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Lectures 1967-81 Vol 1 Eminent contributors Rs. 400
62 Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Lectures 1982-97 Vol II Eminent contributors Rs. 400
63 Legends and Teachings of the greatest Hindu divine Sage Narada B L Raina Rs. 350
64 Life's Journey D P Mandelia Rs. 30
65 Light of other days Saraswati Menon Rs. 30
66 Living as a doctor Dr P Tirumala Rao Rs. 100
67 Lokamanya Tilak In the temple of Justice Shriniwas B. Belvi Rs. 65
68 Looking Back: Memoirs of K. Santhanam K. Santhanam Rs. 300
69 Lord Gauranga Shishir Kumar Ghose Rs. 30
70 Mahabharata is believable Subhash Majumdar Rs. 120
71 Mathematical Genes Mapping M M Madhavan Balakrishnan Rs. 150
72 Matter versus mind and twenty other poems Ras Kocha Rs. 40
73 Memories, Men and Matters N Raghunathan Rs. 450
74 Modern Physics and Vedanta Swami Jitatmananda Rs. 150
75 Nani Palkhivala Selected Writings L M Singhvi, M R Pai, S Ramakrishnan Rs. 395
76 Ode to humanity Satish D Mohile Rs. 75
77 Origin of the Universe-Vedic Approach C.Dakshinamurthi Rs. 140
78 Our Heritage Swami Siddhinathananda Rs. 90
79 Pages From a Quit India Freedom Fighter’s Diary Dr. Krishnabai Nimbkar Rs. 90
80 Pathway to God in Kannada Literature R D Ranade Rs. 65
81 Place names in Kashmir B K Raina, S L Sadhu Rs. 275
82 Planning and Promotion of Productivity: The Indian experience Vol 1 National Productivity Council A N Saxena, L K Bala Ratnam Rs. 350
83 Planning and Promotion of Productivity: The Indian experience Vol II National Productivity Council A N Saxena, L K Bala Ratnam Rs. 350
84 Power and Morality Sorokin and Lunden Rs. 35
85 Pranaya Paraag Poojashri Rs. 125
86 Pure Bhakthi: The Path to God's Grace: Stories from Srimad Bhagwatam Dr Lakshmi Warier Rs. 60
87 Quest for the Original Bharata Samhita and Mahabharat Story Sisir Kumar Sen Rs. 275
88 Raaga in Krishna Blue Rita Dalmiya Rs. 75
89 Rediscovering India Narendra Kumar Tyagi Rs. 150
90 Reflections from alien shores Varadaraja V. Raman Rs. 250
91 Renascent Hinduism D S Sharma Rs. 60
92 Resurgent India Looks Ahead-Recollections and Reflections M S Sabnis Rs. 275
93 Role and Responsibility of Teachers in building up Modern India Swami Ranganathananda Rs. 40
94 Rosary of Saints Meera S. Sashital Rs. 275
95 Saankarasaagaram Krishnan Parapally Rs. 100
96 Sadhana: A new way to life divine Chakor Ajgaonkar Rs. 125
97 Saint poets of Maharashtra N N Subramanian Rs. 25
98 Sane Sex Order Pitirim A. Sorokin Rs. 30
99 Sayings of Lord Siva Harendra Kottayam Rs. 50
100 Science and Spirituality (Pilani) V.Krishnamurthy Rs. 215

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