Book Review:
  1. Title: Kural - The Great Book of Thiruvalluvar
    Rating: Good

    Thirukkural, the book of wisdom, contains 1330 couplets written by Saint Thiruvalluvar in Tamil, more than 2000 years ago. It is a timeless classic. Valluvar's work transcends the borders of caste, creed, region & religion. The Thirukkural is considered to be the 'Tamil Veda'. Its contents are such that the book has been translated into almost all leading languages of the world, English in particular.
    Rajaji, author of several books on Hinduism & who needs no introduction, has written his commentary in English on some of the selected verses of the Thirukkural in a short but simple manner. All the verses contained in this book are related to our day-to-day life as no area of human life has been left untouched by this great work of the Tamil Saint. This book is a 'must read' for all, the youth in particular for, they are the future of our nation. This immortal work of Thiruvalluvar will go a long way in making them enlightened cizitens with value system.