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Nature & Adventure Centre, Andheri

Bhavan’s Campus,
Munshi Nagar,
Andheri (West),
Mumbai 400 058
email : bhavansnac@yahoo.in
Phone : 8655611988
Website : www.bnac.org.in

BNAC is a one-of-a-kind place that you would hardly expect to find in a busy and crowded town like Mumbai. It is truely a green oasis with a vital biodiversity. It is home to many beautiful birds and butterflies and also serves as a nursery for injured animals. When you visit the premises you would not believe, that this place used to be dumping ground just a couple of years ago. The passion of Himanshu and his team who are dedicated to preserve the environment is truely inspiring. It makes me happy to see that their experience, knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature is passed on to the younger generations. There is so much to learn from them - you won‘t find a bird in India they don’t know. Nobody should miss out to explore the centre on their own or join them on one of their expeditions. The time I have spent there has really made me appreciate the nature around me even more than before and has also made me more sensitive to what I can do as an individual to contribute to preserve nature.

- Florian Riegler, Sweden

The Prakruti Festival as well as Bhavans Nature Adventure Centre is very impressive. Mr. Himanshu is doing commendable job by training hundreds of youth and touching lives of thousands of students through his mission of Nature Education, Animal Care, Adventure Awakening, & instilling values among them. I feel very proud of this young man’s actions. I hereby invite him to combine strengths and help us replicate such activities across Maharashtra & all over India.

- Lt Colonel Satish Hange, Additional Director, NCC Directorate, Maharashtra State Government

If it is about exposing youngsters to Adventure within the city, BNAC is just the right place. Climbing Commando nets, crossing Burma bridge, attempting Rock climbing or Rappelling... such activities inculcate self confidence among youth. BNAC is also a green little oasis, an island of peace

- Zane Willman, South African Commando & a Risk Management Specialist who rescued 150 tourists from 26/11 terrorist attack at Taj Hotel

Bhavan’s Nature & Adventure is just right for children of this age. Our son Aryaveed (Jamnabai Narsee School) enjoyed thoroughly. it is an excellent opportunity to make children learn through Fun, Games & outdoor activities. It makes them more confident & creative

- Manish Goel (TV Actor)

You won’t believe... I was so excited... My daughter Radhika (City International School) & her friends got enrolled in this camp... playing around with pet animals... all the girls were not willing to return home. they enjoyed to such an extent that all of them wanted to have the camp extended by few days, my daughter has opened up so much, she has become more responsible. The camp has taught my daughter to “live her own life”, this is what they teach here, she has become a very confident girl - it is a very big thing for me, our children are in safe hands, I am thankful to Lalit uncle & Himanshuji..

- Vandana Pathak (TV Actress)

BNAC is a place where every green warrior should visit. A genuine rescue hub dedicated by highly skilled naturalists, biologist guided and nutured by the Nature Master and most beloved Himanshu Prem, Administrator of BNAC (BHAVANS Nature and Adventure Centre.) It is also an education hub for children to know about pet care, Nature conservation, planting trees, recycling techniques and get ready to be a green warrior to preserve our dwindling Flora and fauna. A must visit place for mumbaikars, schools, colleges, institutions and also foreigners.

- Arun Patwardhan, Graphic Designer, J.J. School of Fine Arts

Bhavan’s Nature & Adventure Centre (BNAC), a unit of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, stands out as a niche of beautiful greenery like a mini sanctuary to over 300 species of plants, trees, insects, birds (60+ species), butterflies (65+ species), various animals & creatures including reptiles, amphibians, crabs, spiders and micro-organisms, offering a biodiversity rich eco-system right in the middle of a 22 million-crowded metropolitan Mumbai. It provides shelter and refuge to a multitude of wild species. During 8 years of its existence more than 66,160 student visitors in 1 day field trip & 64,581 families including children have enjoyed FUN – LEARN activities.

    • BNAC aims to provide a platform for exchange and interaction between beginners and veterans in the field of environment and nature. The centre should become a source of inspiration and learning for the youth to develop their potential and enhance their abilities to contribute to society to make the world a better place to live in.
  • Objectives
    • To achieve this mission, our objectives are:
      • to create interest for, and awareness on, the protection of flora, fauna, nature, forests, oceans, biodiversity and the promotion of ecological balance & environment
      • to nurture and encourage young minds to discover own strengths & potential, while engaging in adventure, sports, survival skills
      • to kindle genuine curiosity in exploring significance of natural sciences among students and stimulate them to pursue scientific technologies with sustainable knowhow beneficial to mankind, which promote eco-friendly life-style in harmonious co-existence with nature
      • to rescue, care, rehabilitate, propagate, treat, re-locate, re-establish injured and endangered species of the animal world and plant kingdom
      • to create leadership & work for world betterment
      • enhancing skills of the youth, engaging them towards positive contribution to the society, environment, culture and nation
      • to propagate Ancient Indian Values and Traditional Intelligence, Vedic Wisdom on Nature, Ayurveda, Holistic Health, Organic existence, Healing, Natural Therapies and “Saatvik” sustenance intricately woven in our civilization
  • Camps
    • More than 3253 children have already participated in our camps till date. Camps help children discover their hidden talents & conquer their inner fears. Activity like live animal interaction inculcates compassion, love and soft corner for animals. Adventure activities allow them to overcome their inhibitions like height phobia and cross each obstacle, gaining confidence while achieving a sense of success.
      List of Activities available for SCHOOLS, COLLEGES & other GROUPS
      • Nature Trail
      • Environment Project
      • Medicinal Plant Trail
      • Animal Care
      • Personality Development
      • Re - use Craft
      • Leaf Life/ Nature Craft
      • Clay Modelling
      • Vermi Composting
      • Butterfly Life Cycle
      • Stone Painting
      • Slide-Talk : Animal Care Vs Cruelty
      • Water Painting
      • Slide-Talk : Waste Treatment
      • Tribal Trail
      • Rifle Shooting
      • Archery
      • First Aid & Knots
      • Commando net
      • Spider Net
      • Burma Bridge
      • Rope Walk
      • Flying Fox – Zipline
      • Swing Walk
  • Volunteering (Yes, you can connect with us for following activities)
    • More than 300 pairs of helping hands have been trained at BNAC in Mumbai. High level of commitment, consistency from Volunteers team is allows us to keep up our work. Volunteers provide support in the following areas:
      • Animal care, rescue and rehabilitation of injured animals
      • Supervision and support in activities during school visits
      • Organization of workshops on environmental sustainability
      • Capacity building
      • Training in and supervision of adventure activities
      • Organizational support of events such as the annual Prakruti festival
      • Promotion and marketing
      • Carrying our message to connect with Colleges and Schools
      • Maintenance of premises; plantation, delicate & rare plant species and exhibits
      • ‘Re-Use’ concept creative crafts; utility objects making
    • Organizations, Associations, Groups, Individuals, Entrepreneurs and others are welcome to join hands for activities where convergence of objectives meets. We believe that we can learn a lot form each other if you are a profit or non-profit entity in the field of environment protection or in another area. We are highly interested in teaming up with like-minded organizations with similar causes, as sharing experiences and coordination of activities may create synergies that will be mutual beneficial. It is crucial that NGOs don’t see themselves as competitors in a world of limited funds, but as potential partners that work towards a common goal. Joint programmes, events, training programmes, seminars, lectures, presentations, meetings and any activity that carries forward our purposes to achieve desired goals can be explored for working together.
      Event Organizers can also connect with us for offering Events on Nature Adventure Themes.
  • Community Participation & Involvement
    • Students from different Colleges are regularly invited to observe, learn and they are trained as Volunteers in various eco-restoration activities. Skill development of the youth & empowerment of the economically humble sections of the society is an integral activity woven into environmentally important areas of sustainable development at BNAC.
      While emphasizing on Environment Education, Nature Conservation Awareness, enriching Biodiversity, it has formed and run a successful Animal Rescue programme as well. Many volunteers (often from economically very modest backgrounds) have been trained – enabling youngsters to earn a little pocket money while learning and promoting eco-friendly life-style.
      Activities of Composting, Gardening, Watering, etc connect the youth directly with Nature.
      Adventure activities enhance their capabilities, resilience, patience and confidence.
      Many youngsters have been mentored, groomed and have eventually found good jobs.
    • for companies and management groups are available at BNAC in a unique natural setting right in Mumbai.
      It is a pleasure to introduce ourselves as a UNIQUELY POSITIONED ONE-OF-ITS-KIND Centre in Mumbai.
      On Leadership, Team-building, Nature, Adventure, Animal Care & Biodiversity, we offer a variety of interesting programmes to engage multiple age groups across different cross sections of the Society.
      1. Outbound Training to Corporate clients for their Employees
      2. Nature-Adventure Excursion for Employees' families
      3. Birthday Celebrations for Employees' children
      4. Overnight Camps for Employees with Families
      5. Interesting Educational Workshops for beginners and children

  • Shri Himanshu P Joshi
    Phone Office: 8655611988
    Mobile: 9869007132
    email id: bhavansnac@gmail.com