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The Logo

Bhavan's Bangalore Press School

#89, Mysore Road,
Bangalore - 560 018
email : bhavanbangalorepressschool@gmail.com
Phone : 080 - 26705069
Website : www.bhavanbangalorepressschool.com

School Building

The Bhavan- Bangalore Press School was established in 2010 as a joint venture of Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavan and Bangalore press in chamrajpet area, the heart of the city,on the Mysore road. The school has acquired its own Hi-Tech,multi storeyed , Marvellous, Sophisticated building of 35,000 sq. ft and it has its own playground. It has well-equipped science labs, 2 computer labs and classrooms with smart boards and interactive boards with the latest technology available at fingertips and a fully stacked library with a wide variety of resources. The school is registered under Bhavan Bangalore Press Educational Trust(regd). The school is affiliated to CBSE Board and the medium of instruction is English. The school provides world-class education at a very affordable cost. The objective of the school is to provide quality education to the students irrespective of any social, economical, or cultural barriers. The mission of the school is to uplift children from the lower strata of society and integrate them into the mainstream of society.
The school started with 15 students during the first academic year and as the years have passed the school expanded like a banyan tree, stretching its branches, and has now acquired another feather in its cap of achievements by expanding to provide education to a senior secondary level by recently inaugurating class XI. The total strength of the school now is 1200 students who are trained and guided by amazing, talented, and hardworking management, Principal teachers, and school staff.

Aim of the Institution

The school aims to foster an environment where the students attain self-fulfilment in their lives and become useful members of the community. The students are encouraged to grow morally, intellectually and socially by inculcating basic virtues like honesty, dedication, hard work and excellence in both academic and non-academic activities, healthy habits, concern for others and by imbibing cultural and aesthetic values which form the basis of Bharatiya Shiksha.

Our Vision

In partnership with parents and the community, and with the conviction that all children are capable of achievement, the school commits to:
cultivate in each child, essential life skills;
build each child's self-esteem;
mould each child to be influential leaders in their respective areas of success;
empower each child to become an accountable, considerate, and contributing citizen.
encourage each child's full academic potential by providing the child a least restrictive environment;

Our Mission

"Education for life", providing education to make one competent, confident & consistent in every walk of life.
Preparing creative, productive, efficient and value based citizens of India with a commitment to inculcate basic human values and a sense of nobility, righteousness & excellence.
In partnership with teachers, parents and the community, encourage every child in all facets of learning, by.
working in tandem as a team
providing a multi-sensory and balanced curriculum with a rigorous teaching experience
catering to all abilities (learning abilities)
creating creative beings by upholding curiosity and enthusiasm
encouraging freedom and self-reliance
creating critical thinkers by promoting logical and creative thinking
encouraging respect for others and personal self-esteem
providing a supportive environment that is caring, stimulating and challenging.

Our Values

The vision and mission are clear, which the school will strive to blend with heritage, culture, values and wisdom of India with the constantly changing needs and aspirations of modern society. It seeks to develop every student into a human who,
has self pride,
is self reliant,
is socially sensitive,
a responsible citizen
is proud of his heritage.

Bhavan-Bangalore Press school will combine the advantages of a 'modern public school' with those of the 'Vidyalaya' through a purposeful connect between the teacher and the pupil.

School Building

  • Shri H.R. Ananth
    Phone Office: 080 26709027
    email id: ananth.hr1@gmail.com
  • Smt. Manjula A
    Phone Office: 080-26705069
    email id: bhavanbangalorepressschool@gmail.com