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Opp. O.T.S ,
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Jaipur - 302015
Phone Numbers: 141 – 2711291 / 2702006
Mobile: 9511577369
Email id: info@bhavansvidyashram.org
Website: www.bhavansvidyashram.org

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Jaipur Kendra was started in 1978 and it conducts cultural and educational activities through its institutions mentioned above in point no. 6.
Bhavan’s Jaipur Kendra in association with Infosys has also been conducting a number of programmes to revive the folk arts of the state by providing platform to the old traditional and unknown artists and new emerging artists under the chairmanship of Smt. Asha Golcha, member of Advisory Board of BVB, Jaipur Kendra since 2016. As of now about 755 artists have performed their 35 art forms of Rajasthan in 72 programmes.

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Stories from the Scriptures

Bhavan’s Cultural Centre Suruchi Kendra organised a session of ‘Stories from the Scriptures’ for the Pre-primary students of Bhavan’s Balwadi.
Smt. Barkha Khandelwal, a parent and a self-motivated storyteller narrated stories to nearly 80 students and their parents on July 30, 2022. She related two short stories on Ganesha and Gopala in a melodramatic manner which kept the tiny tots enchanted.

Ganesha Sculpting Workshop

An eco-friendly Ganesha sculpting workshop was organised by Bhavan’s Cultural Centre Suruchi Kendra on August 27-28, 2022 on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi.
76 students in the age group of 5 years and above registered for the same and participated very enthusiastically. Many parents also joined their wards. There were three resource persons to conduct the workshop led by Shri Rakesh Vyas who is a well-known folk art expert. Students and their parents showed a lot of creativity and innovation. They were very happy to carry the self-created Ganesha murtis home for Puja.

Summer Camp 2022

Suruchi Kendra began its activities once again in the offline mode after two years. Nearly 110 students participated.
Three workshops were organised—Drawing and Painting, Theatre, Acting and Filmmaking.
The Drawing and Painting workshop was conducted by Shri Ankesh Sharma, a freelance artist. He taught the senior students sketching, shading and colouring. Smt. Reena Tomar, another accomplished artist, mentored the junior group and taught the students the basics of drawing and colouring. She also conducted another workshop on collage.
The theatre workshop was a huge success and nearly 60 students participated. There were two batches who were trained by a very senior theatre artiste Dr. Kapil Sharma, associate professor, University of Rajasthan and Ms. Priyadarshini Mishra another expert in the field of children’s theatre. This workshop was conducted in collaboration with Curio, a performing arts society headed by Shri Gagan Mishra. The finale was held on June 12, 2022 in the presence of renowned film and theatre artiste Ms. Himani Shivpuri. Two very good plays were produced in the 20-day workshop.
The acting and filmmaking workshop was conducted in collaboration with an acting studio at Jaipur called Act to Action with 12 participants who learnt the techniques of facing the camera and acting in front of the camera. A short film was produced using all the participants and a story was woven on school life and was shot in the school premises.
The students were also taken to a film studio to get an experience of film editing, soundtracks etc.  Overall it was a new activity and very fulfilling one.

Mini Hall

During the lockdown, when all activities of the cultural centre came to a standstill, the Kendra embarked on a project of creating a small auditorium (Mini Hall). This Mini Hall is air conditioned, well furnished and has the capacity of nearly 100 people.
It is an ideal location for organising small cultural performances, book releases, seminars, Kavi Sammelan etc.

Best Research Paper Award

Dr. Aarti Chopra, Principal, Bhavan's College of Communication and Management, Jaipur won the best research paper presentation award at the International Conference on 'Innovations and Emerging Trends in Global Economy: Opportunities and Challenges and Advanced Research and Technological Issues in Commerce and Management'. The topic of her research was 'Level of Organisational Role Stress and Emotional Intelligence among Male and Female Hotel Managers'. The Chief Guest for the ceremony was Prof. Rana Singh, Vice Chancellor, University of Jazeera, Dubai.