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Navi Mumbai

Plot No 3-A,
Sector 30,
Near Vashi Railway Station,
Navi Mumbai - 400703
Phone: 9136664343
Email: info@bvbnmk.org

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is one of the premier and coveted educational institutions in India. It has its foundation from Kulapati Dr K M Munshi, a freedom fighter and Educational leader in 1938 with blessings from Mahatma Gandhi. The latest entrant in the family of BVB is its new generation Centre at Vashi. This Centre is poised to be the next generation entity of BVB catering to the cultural and Educational needs of Navi Mumbai and beyond. Besides educational activities, the Navi Mumbai Kendra will focus on Children Club, Yoga and Related Activities and a Cultural Club. The Centre is likely to become one of the hubs of education, spiritual, fine arts and cultural activities in the satellite city of Navi Mumbai

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Art Dhamma

Commodore Sunil Rajashekharan, Commanding officer, INS Tanaji inaugurated the art exhibition titled ‘Art Dhamma’, curated by Shri Vidhu Pillai and Shri Suresh Nair. The 8–day event showcasing eight artists was held by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Navi Mumbai Kendra from December 23–30, 2023.
The artists were mainly from Bengaluru, including Dr Shantala S, Nagaraj Hanehalli, Makarand Joshi, Nishad MP, Rupesh Bhandarkar, Shiva Hadimani, and Bhaskaran Achari. The exhibition was visited by many people who appreciated the beautiful works of the artists.

Sports Day

An exciting sports day was organised keeping Jai Shri Ram and Republic day in mind on January 21, 2024 at the Kendra premises. An archery contest saw Aavya Mahajan, Mukund Kamath and Vivaan Kapoor nearly hitting the target.
A 100 metre race was organised where the children held the national flag in their hands while running. In the boys group, Mihir Kukreja, Vivaan Kapoor and Arjun Adige won the first three prizes, while in the girls group it was Prisha Barai, Parisshi Kukreja and Aavya Mahajan who won the first, second and third prizes. In another race, the boys Mihir Kukreja, Yagya Kapoor and Vivaan Kapor won while Leysha Saxena, Sumedha Pai and Yessica Doshi won the first, second and third prizes in the girls category.

Sports Day

The 75th Republic Day was celebrated by the Navi Mumbai Kendra with the former Joint CP Sanjay Mohite as the Guest of Honour. The flag hoisting was followed by an interesting discussion about Bhavans and the Kendra by all the invitees and guests.
Navi Mumbai Kendra Office bearers and other distinguished guests were present.

Jatra Procession

Celebrating the holy month of Margazhi, Navi Mumbai Kendra, in collaboration with Guru G V Ramani Natya Kala Foundation, led an overwhelmingly large number of enthusiastic dancers, singers, flute players and devotees to Laxmi Venkataramana Balaji Mandir, Vashi, on December 16, 2023, in a huge procession. The Sangeet Nritya Sankirtana procession consisted of more than 35 dancers dressed in colourful attire and teachers and devotees in silk robes.
Several cultural groups from all over Mumbai like Upasana, Kalasadan and others also participated. Margazhi procession is akin to Pandharpur Vari performed by varkaris in the month of ashadha and culminating in front of Vithala.
The dancers performed a group dance in front of the temple. A song and dance on Sant Eknath’s composition ‘Majhe Mahera Pandhari’ was performed.

Diwali Celebrations by Bhavan’s Children’s Club

Bhavan’s Children’s Club organised a Diya Painting contest and a Lego Model making contest on the eve of Diwali on November 8, 2023. The children were given earthen diyas and asked to paint on them. The judge was Kiran Jadhav, an arts and crafts teacher and the prizewinners were Leysha Saxena, Mihir and Aavya Mahajan.
In the Lego model contest, Ramjanmabhoomi, aeroplane, garden, house, skee-ball game, and others were made. Prizes were won by Arham, Samar Jaggi, Sumdeha Pai and Arjun Adige.
This was followed by games and distribution of Diwali gifts.

Art Exhibition

The members of Bhavan’s Children’s Club along with their parents participated enthusiastically in the art and craft exhibition held on October 29, 2023 at the Navi Mumbai Kendra.
Mandala art and craft, and photographs of rural folk, aeroplanes, animals and birds — were some of the superb creations on display.
Brainchild of Dr Sengupta, founder of My Retired Life (MRLF) and displayed by Rohit Viswanath, Rajendra Waghmare and Shailendra Waghmare, the exhibition featured the work of more than 30 artists. Jointly organised by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Navi Mumbi Kendra and My Retired Life Foundation, it was a treat for the eyes and mind. 

Kala Bharati Inaugurated

Kala Bharati, Bhavan’s school for Indian classical performing arts at the Navi Mumbai Kendra, was launched on Vijayadasami, October 24, 2023. The chief guest at the programme was Shri Janak Sudhir Merchant, Chief Manager (Sourcing), Reliance Retail.
There were performances by the disciples of the teachers who will be steering the School: Smt. Gayatri Subramanian (Bharatanatyam), Pandit Sanjeev Chimmalgi (Hindustani Vocal) and Smt. Vishakha Gandre (Kathak).
The evening began with a dance by the students of Smt. Gayatri Subramanian. It was based on the composition of Saint Purandaradasa invoking the blessings of Lord Ganesha. Chairman of the Kendra, Shri M.N. Ramachandra escorted the chief guest and the teachers for the lighting of the traditional lamp. The first presentation was a Hindustani vocal music recital by Shri Yash Warrier, a disciple of Pandit Sanjeev Chimmalgi.