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Title : Gandhism in Indian Politics
Author : Sushil Kumar Bhattacharya
Pages : 426
Price : Rs 250

About the book:

Gandhism implies the Indian way of living in truth and non violence which are the inner force of man. The edition speaks not only of Gandhi and his principles but also of India's culture and her people's way of life.
The book begins with the background of Gandhiji, his experiments inSouth Africa and his leading India into freedom from British Rule. It speaks of national unity as Gandhiji envisaged it.

About The Author : Sushil Kumar Bhattacharya :
Born in 1933 in Calcutta Sri Sushil Kumar Bhattacharya graduated in Science. After graduation he continued higher studies in Arts. Thereafter he was drawn to Indian Politics and Gandhism at the inspiration he received from a number of eminent Congress leaders of the day such as Atulya Ghosh and Prafulla Chandra Sen who encouraged him in making a sustained and in-depth study of the Father of Indian Freedom, the fruit of which is the present book.