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Title : Ganesh Vidnyan: Science & Technology
Author : K. B. Paranjape
Pages : 159
Price : ₹120

About the book:

This very interesting book seeks to present a scientific explanation of the hymns of the Atharuashirsha Upanishad, which is a highlight of the prayers chanted during the Ganesh festival. That is why it is called Ganesh Vidnyan, the Science of Ganesh
Outwardly Atharuashirsha is a prayer to God Ganesh, but with the help of the science of anatomy, illustrated with figures, graphs and charts, the author explains how the prayer is in reality a projection of the brain and the nervous system in our body. He also shows how the text of the hymn is composed in such a manner as to make Yogic meditation easy. The book also explains how "Om" is not a religious term or simply a mystic sound but a scientific term that helps us to understand the microcosm that is the universe around us. All in all, the book deserves to be read from a purely scientific point of view, keeping aside religious considerations.

About The Author: K. B. Paranjape :
K. B. Paranjape B.A. Fellow of the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India and also Fellow of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. He worked in responsible posts in number of companies upto 1993 and had a private practice thereafter upto the year 2005. He has written a number of books on philosophy and fictions.

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