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Title : The Call of the Vedas
Author : A. C. Bose
Pages : 314
Price : Rs 70

About the book:

If Veda Vyasa classified the vedic mantras into 4 assortments namely rig, yajur, sama , atharva, in this book they are classified under the 5 headings of the path of devotion, path of knowledge, the path of mysticism, the path of splendour and the path of action. The classification is ably explained in the introduction, a masterpiece of an erudition and lucid presentation of the Vedas' significance to the modern world.
To start with, the work offers a strong well based pillar of support to the Hindu population which looks up to the Vedas as the hub of their faith in a social order embracing the wide world in one fraternity of fellowship with no compartmentalization of any description- a faith, which borders on religion but is free from religious dogma. Within the covers of this book may be found a discussion of the concept of Vedic henotheism and several strands of Vedic realism; one is then led on to the concept of Vedic immortality, a triumph of hope animating mankind with an urge for continued progress in the scale of human activity. The various headings given by the author to the various mantras taken by him from the Vedas is undoubtedly an asset which adds to the value of the work and promotes a better understanding of the basic tenets of the Hindu religion.

About The Author : A. C. Bose :
Dr. Abinash Chandra Bose has been a keen student of Sanskrit and taken a life-long interest in the Vedas. His approach to the Vedas has been that of a lover of poetry and a student of India's spiritual history and comparative religion.