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Title : Glimpses of Greatness
Author : Yogacharya Hansraj Yadav
Pages : 150
Price : Rs 30

About the book:

A book for entertainment! A book for instruction ! A book for children ! A book for parents
This is a book of relevance to the present generation with a susceptibility to exotic materialistic influences. The book relates stories derived from our ancient religious lore which is bound up with the social traditions of a whole nation that lives within our countries vast boundaries. One may perhaps not mind an occasional deviation from the original presentation which the stories as retold may bring to light

About The Author : Yogacharya Hansraj Yadav :
Early in life, Yogacharya was inspired by his father, a devoted follower of bhakti yoga, and by uncle who is a poet of Lok Geet and an Arya Samajist. For the past many years he has been teaching Yoga as the science 'par excellence' of "Better Living" thus enabling his students to enjoy a healthy, peaceful and contented life.

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