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Title : Rig Veda (Part II)
Author : Dr. J. K. Trikha
Pages : 198
Price : Rs 125

About the book:

The first volume on Rig Veda by the late Dr. Trikha deals with the first thirty hymns of the Veda. This second and final volume gives the scientific and intellectual analysis of the remaining hymns. It deals with the Vedic concept of Creation first the sacrifice of the Primal Being (Purusha), then as ideation ( Sankalpa) in His mind on waking up from sleep (Yoga-nidra) and finally as the weaving of the web of creation
The Vedic Hymns also reveal the Divine purpose working in life. This purpose is embodied in the revelation about the Divinity manifested in Agni, Indra, Savita, Varuna, Ashvins, Maruts, Ribhus, Usha , Rudras, Vishnu and Aditya-all dealt with in this part. The Divine purpose is a universal perfecting activity which makes every natural phenomenon a manifestation of the Divine Being.

The author being well versed in English and Sanskrit languages and literatures exihibits a competence to make an exposition of the hymns of the Rigveda and in doing so he displays a refreshing originality of thought. Though the original texts of the hymns are not made available, the author has provided us with translations which help us to understand the seers of yore.

About The Author : Dr. J. K. Trikha :
Dr. J.K.Trikha was a professor of English in Amritsar and retired as Head of English Department. In addition to M.A. in English he did M.A. in Sanskrit and was awarded Ph.D. in Sanskrit for research on ‘Turiya’ or Transcendence. His other books are on Rigveda and Ramayana.

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